Counterfeit Samsung S6 phones sold on Kijiji

An 18-year-old Edmonton male is charged with fraud after complaints to police about counterfeit Samsung S6 smartphones sold through Kijiji.

Police say the phones were advertised on the classified ad site as brand new, boxed phones.

After paying the seller between $450 and $600 in cash, buyers discovered the phones weren't Samsungs.

An investigation revealed dozens had been sold over a four-week period. The seller bought the counterfeits for $100 from a website in China, and had been selling them since last September, police say.

While the phones work, Const. Tyrone O'Dea said they don't have the full function of a real Samsung S6 and the battery isn't as strong.

The flash on the counterfeit phone doesn't work and the camera has a smaller lens than the genuine device. The serial number on the counterfeits start with "1-2-3-4-5-6" and is very faint.

"It's almost unreadable," said Suki Singh, manager of the Samsung store in West Edmonton Mall.

Some buyers went to Singh's store looking for a case. Staff recognized the phones as fakes.