Tiffany jewelry ad features first same-sex couple

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Tiffany Co. features same-sex couple throughout new ad campaign

The 178-year-old jeweler joins expanding listing of manufacturers utilizing same-sex couples in ads

The new "Will You?" campaign, shot simply by manner photographer Peter Lindbergh, features seven scenes regarding couples.

One in particular can be drawing widespread praise regarding showing any same-sex couple.

The pair, shown sitting on a stoop throughout new York City, are a couple inside real life, Tiffany spokeswoman Linda Buckley said.

The 178-year-old jeweler best noted for its small blue boxes says this really is its very first ad in order to depict a same-sex couple. The Particular organization joins any expanding listing of manufacturers utilizing same-sex couples inside promotional materials, from Banana Republic to Target.

The campaign aims to show that adore comes in a selection associated with forms, Buckley said.

"Nowadays, the approach to marriage is will absolutely no longer linear," the lady said. "True adore can occur more than when using enjoy stories coming inside a selection of forms."

Another photo exhibits a couple upon his or online jewellery her wedding day making use associated with their child, the company said, the nod in order to growing rates regarding mothers giving birth outside of marriage. The Actual remaining portion associated with the images demonstrate couples in several romantic settings: upon a town rooftop, driving a car in a convertible, in your personal home on the sofa.