Marjaraasana - For Sound Real And Mental Health

Process: Sit on your haunches with the legs and feet on the bottom. Ke...

Yoga to-day is all the rage. It is a subject that excites parents attention and enjoys much popularity. This can be especially therefore because the asanas (exercises) and pranayamas (breathing strategies) that owe their origins to ancient Indian knowledge have proved valuable in promoting holistic health and mental peace as also in devel-oping personality. In this article we shall examine Marjaraasana - the cat present.

Process: Sit on your haunches with the legs and feet on the ground. Keep the arms on the floor in this way that the distance between them is about the sam-e as that between the shoulders, i.e. equal to the width of the back. Keep the distance between the arms and the knees about the sam-e as that between the shoulders and the hips, i.e. add up to the amount of the core. The distance between the knees must be the sam-e as the width of the middle. Turn the feet right back so the feet face upward. We found out about SparrowRigsby710 - OpenISEE by searching Yahoo. The distance between the soles ought to be the same as that between the knees. Relax the muscles in the trunk area and allow trunk descend under gravity. At the sam-e time, allow neck and head curve back-ward as far as possible. Flake out the stomach and close the eyes. Direct your awareness of the entire human anatomy and practise aware differential relaxation. Keep your brain involved in pranadharana (awareness of breath). This is the final pose of marjaraasana maintain it in accordance with ability.

An extension of the above posture might be accomplished in the following manner: remaining in the-final posture acquired above, open your eyes. Move the palms about 10-15 cms towards the legs. Bend the rear upwards such that it shapes as an arc. Flake out the neck and hang the head down. Draw the chin towards the chest and training differential relaxation, flake out the stomach and then do prandharana. Here is the final extension posture of marjaraasana- maintain it based on volume.

Releasing the asana: Start by lowering the right leg by bending it at the knee, then relax the knee to the ground. Lower the pinnacle and make the back parallel to the floor, loosen it-up and relax.

Benefits: The spine becomes supple; and variable it will help to fix the practical disorders of the back and spine. The health of the organs in the torso helps. You are relieved of backache and pain-in the throat resulting from exertion. In addition it reduces the neck muscles and the lumbar region of the spine and invigorates the spinal nerves, increases blood circulation in the abdominal region therefore making digestive, respiratory and excretory functions. This asana is also of use in treating respiratory disorders.

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