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We ship our cigarettes beyond the U.S. Hence we dont divulge tax advice or customers data to any government entity! The manufacture of the cigarettes is reported with quality and cost of these cigarettes, making their quality based on their cost. President Cigs are the exceptional brand that manages to worldwide recognition because of superior tobacco brand. They were produced for strong individuals and you can reveal high quality and your power of those cigarettes for to bring peoples attention because with one of these cigs. Mr Obamas predecessor George W Bush, a recovering alcoholic, refrained from smoking. President brand offers king size cigarettes with bracing and rich flavor and bold taste, packed in laconic reddish and dark blue packs, which feature an image of eagle, symbolizing bravery, greatness and capability to cope with problems; and white stars - symbol of freedom and heroism.
President List
President Classic Stars

Price for 10 packs, 200 cigs - $16.78
Tar content (mg) - 12
Nicotine content(mg) - 0,9

President Special Stars

Price for 10 packs, 200 cigs - $16.78
Tar (mg) - 8
The content of nicotine (mg) is - 0,6

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