Restaurants Merchant Account

Merchant Account for Restaurants

Setting up a merchant account for your restaurant, may be just the thing to help your business grow to the next level. Netcom PaySystem provides a personalized payment processing solutions to help accommodate all of your dining guests payment needs. If you operate a diner, sandwich shop, a fine dining restaurant, or a fast service restaurant, Netcom PaySystem offers a wide variety of processing solutions that are suited for the food service and hospitality industry.

Your merchant account could be approved in a matter of hours or just a few days. Either way, you probably will not have to wait very long for an answer, and then a few more days and your credit card processor will be installed and ready for use on the premises of your restaurant. If you make home or business deliveries, staff members who make deliveries can process credit card payments on the go as well, when you equip them with a portable wireless unit. They won’t have to worry about carrying cash for change or accepting a check that may bounce at the bank.

To learn more about the restaurant and hospitality payment processing solutions by Netcom PaySystem, simply fill out this quick application to get started and a representative will be in contact within 24-48 hours. For faster service please feel free to contact us at 800-875-6680.

Why Choose Netcom?

Interchange Pricing, Fast Approval, No Application Fees, No Reprogramming Fees, No Hidden Fees, No Monthly Minimums (For qualified Merchants only, certain restrictions apply) and No Contracts!

About Netcom PaySystem

Netcom PaySystem prides itself on being as eager to practice good, old-fashioned customer care as it is to pioneer new products. Netcom PaySystem is proud to provide the most up to date and innovative products such as m-Commerce Mobile Solutions, EMV Capability, ISV/SDK and Virtual Terminal Solutions. In addition, the company offers the merchant access to POS Systems, eCommerce, ACH Check Services, Check Guarantee, Recurring Billing, Check21, BOC, Credit and Debit Card Processing, Gift and Loyalty Cards, and Merchant Working Capital.