Merchant account for payday loan or cash advance businesses

Merchant account for payday loan or cash advance businesses

Are you looking for a merchant account for your payday loan or cash advance business? Let Netcom PaySystem be your best choice.

Netcom PaySystem has been helping businesses set up merchant accounts for over 28 years, and has extensive industry knowledge and experience. We deliver fast approvals at very competitive rates.

Payday loan or cash advance businesses are considered a high risk and although the services these businesses provide are extremely important, especially in today's economy, it can be quite challenging for cash advance businesses to get approved for a merchant account, simply because of the nature of their industry. The risk potentially lies in default on the loan, bad checks or even chargebacks to credit cards.

At Netcom PaySystem, we specialize in high-risk merchant account services and solutions and are able to offer credit card processing services to nearly all business types, including businesses that offer payday loans and cash advances to their customers.

In most cases, we can have your businesses approved and set up to take credit cards in just a few days.

Whether you’ve been terminated, recently declined, operate a high-risk business, or have credit issues, let Netcom PaySystem High Risk experts get your merchant account approved today! Feel free to apply online, call us at 800-875-6680 or email us at [email protected]