Ultimate Guide To Successful Conference Planning

Technology is growing at a faster phase and people are ready to move along with same phase. Everyone now days want to rely on latest technological gadgets that make our lives easier be it personal life or professional life. Various industries are also relying on latest technological developments for to cut unnecessary expenses. Companies are relying on Facebook, LinkedIn, VoIP and webinars to hoist events and conference. You can follow the conference planning guide here https://www.ncjrs.gov/ovc_archives/reports/confguid/welcome.html


Whatever is the technology gadget you use for hoisting events and conference but organizing conference and meetings face-face can be very effective comparing to conference through VoIP and webinars. Live conference can be old-fashioned but in this virtual world but this kind of conferences yield more profits than virtual meetings.


Below points explain how these live and face-face conference can be helpful for company and business. Let’s discuss this point by point.

  • Venue: It is compulsory to confirm the venue before hand. It should be done weeks before your conference date.
  • Conference goals: This is second thing that strikes every mind that plans for conference and meeting. Without proper goal and aim hoisting a conference or meeting would be impossible. You should have clear picture on about what your primary point you are going to discuss in the conference.
  • Invitations: Conference manager should send invitations to the people who the company wishes to invite. This way of inviting people, clients or employees would be professional way and this is the way it should be.
  • Registration process: After sending invitation, conference manager must help with all clients and employees of the company to get registered to the meeting or conference. This process is done to understand the number of people going to attend the conference to arrange water, drinks and stationary.
  • Transportation: Arranging transportation to the people who are going to attend conference is mandatory. It is good to arrange transportation so that everyone can reach conference hall on time. This way we can save a lot of precious time.
  • Audio-video: Microphones, ear phones, projection and speakers are important gadgets which are very important to hoist a conference successfully. These gadgets help a lot when you have invited large number of people for the conference.
  • Stationary: Without stationary items like pens, scribbling pads and other important stationary items conference cannot be arranged. Pens and scribbling pads help to write important points related to the conference.
  • Food and Drinks: Even drinks like tea, coffee and soft drinks should be arranged to organizing conference in successful way. You can also arrange food if you think it takes a lot of time for conference. This will be like kinds gesture towards all the clients who come to attend conference.


After completion of the conference you can send every invitee thank you note. Never forget to take the feedback of every arrangement you have provided to them to make the conference a grand success. SearchCamp Bangalore is the leading conference planner in India and one of the fastest growing company in India for event management related to product launch and corporate events. 


Credit for thos post goes to expert market India