The Axius Q9 is a lovely little product.

   The Axius Q9 is a lovely little product. My five-year-old uses it everyday. It has sufficient storage and rate for his use.
   What keeps me from providing that last celebrity is that in the 30 days and a 50 percent he's had the Axius Q9 (we stored it for his wedding in May), the slot for the charging/AC cable is already beginning to get reduce. This will be very challenging very soon if it releases any more.
   This Axius Q9 was such an excellent price! This is a fantastic beginner product for anyone. The ProntoTec Axius Q9 is a fantastic buy for the cost, and you can let your children or awkward buddies use it without having to fear about placing 100's of money on the range. It can do fairly much anything any other Android operating system product can do. Can't defeat use this especially for the cost.meizu mx5 price