Choosing the Mandap of Your Dreams

The mandap or wedding model baju batik is the focal point of every Hindu wedding ceremony, a sacred structure supported by four pillars under that your groom and bride are seated and exchange their wedding ceremony vows. The four-pillared structure is said to the four Vedas and also the four goals of a fulfilled Hindu existence (Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha). The previous few years have several adjustments in the look and style of mandaps. But the basic spiritual and cultural sanctity mounted on them by Hindus continues to be the same: Mandaps are also becoming popular amongst those of other religions such as for example Sikhs & Muslims, obviously more for aesthetic effect than spiritual significance - but non-etheless they go a long way to enhancing the wedding dcor and offer a scenic focus for the couple to take their vows.

Selecting a mandap is definitely an important decision in planning a Hindu wedding, but in recent times, couples have been taking the selection process a stage further. Gone will be the times when the mandap was an "off the shelf element" of the marriage dcor.

Today, the sacred wedding ceremony canopy is a fashion statement alone - a reflection of the couple's taste and discerning style and really should thus come up on top of the list of priorities when planning your big day.

From A Four Pillared Canopy To Fashion Statement Extraordinaire

The structure and design of mandaps has developed from traditional designs that typically included sankheda (traditional coloured paintwork), bandhani (tie and dye) fabrics and mirror function, to more sleek, contemporary and chic styles. With British Asian weddings dealing with a more westernized design Mandaps have advanced to reflect this development, combining western design concepts with an eastern appear and feel.

Recent popular designs have already been the round best mandap, mandaps with iron domes, roman pillar mandaps, wooden carved mandaps and mandaps festooned with fresh new flowers and ornate drapes. Various other imaginative concepts have included water feature mandaps, chandelier mandaps and also mandaps that emulate the grandeur of period films like Devdas.

From stylish and slender to grandiose and majestic, a mandap is assured to be found which has every couple's name written around it. If you do your homework well, you will really start to tell the difference between companies that purchase their mandaps off the shelf and those that have a key input into creating the latest bespoke designs.

Perhaps the best thing about contemporary mandap styles is certainly their adaptability and scope for customisation. One no more needs to think along typical lines. A mandap that expresses your individuality is just a thought away and mandap companies will do all they can to customize their creations to your own requirements and wedding theme.

Each year sees the emergence of spectacular and innovative mandap designs out there with coordinated accessories, backdrops, statues, candles, lighting, water features and foyer shows, all used to complement the mandap and build an all-encompassing theme. Most mandap decorators will now walk out their way to source components that match their clients chosen wedding theme and which coordinate together to transform a mundane location into a setting of ethereal fantasy.