A creative way to repair your wool sweater or coat

Do you have a sweater in your wardrobe that has been left unused because of the moth-damaged, including the wool sweater, cashmere sweater, hand knitting sweater, etc.? The prices of these sweaters are generally relatively expensive. Especially like a cashmere sweater, so it is a pity to throw it away.

But now, you don't have to worry about, because there are many professional repair shops to repair the damage. Many repair shops have professional employees who are good at the drain pins, off-line, break, holes, etc. These damage professional repair persons can make repair to renew it exactly the same as before with no traces of repairing.

There is also a good way to repair your cashmere or wool sweater.

Use your creativity to think of ways to hide the damage if you determine that having the sweater professionally repaired is too expensive. Depending on where the hole or else damage is located, a decorative scarf, pin, patch or button may hide it nicely and make it possible for you to wear your moth-damaged sweater without paying to have it fixed.