The new challenge of professional detection of cashmere

Cashmere is a kind of expensive textile fiber and cashmere product has the characteristics of light, thin, soft and waxy. Because the called "soft gold" raw cashmere material is rare and expensive, and cashmere product is "aristocratic" in the advanced clothing in no doubt.

The definition for the traditional cashmere refers to the body of the Arbas white cashmere goats. Due to the quality of Baishan cashmere is expensive, in recent years, there been some cashmere products mixed with yak wool and mohair fiber in the market. A large number of imports of non-cashmere fiber to the domestic market from Kyrgyzstan, Iran and South American, and caused a certain degree of impact and influence to the real cashmere products market. The complexity and diversification of the raw materials of cashmere products market increased the technical difficulty of the professional inspection and testing of the fiber and products.

Although the biological properties from the point of view, these animal fibers have similar biological attributes, but for the textile industry development and market norms, the analysis and detection of cashmere fiber materials and fabric is really important, and it is indeed necessary to discover advanced means and new method to analysis the qualitative and quantitative.

“If we cannot accurately determine the type of cashmere fiber raw materials, not to make a qualitative analysis, it is not able to maintain the market for cashmere products and fair competition." Many people in the cashmere industry hold this view.