The price of raw cashmere material in market is inevitable rising

According to the relatively statistics, the annual output of raw cashmere material is about 10000-12000 tons, while the amount of Chinese raw cashmere is about 90% of the world. And the material of Inner Mongolia cashmere is the main source of China. The fiber of Inner Mongolia cashmere is well-known for its elasticity, length, fineness, whiteness, color and other aspects that are all listed in other cashmere.

Since 2002, the world consumption of cashmere has been rising at an annual 15 per cent. More and more people are interested in buying and wearing cashmere clothes, no matter rich or not rich. With the rapid growth of China economy, the consumption level of cashmere is also rapidly expanding.

In recent years, it comes amid increasing efforts by Chinese government to increase environmental protection efforts, for example, the implementation of returning the grain plots to forestry, returning farmland to grassland also called "take-turns" and " rear livestock in pens" policy. The production of cashmere is still reduced without increasing, due to the relationship between supply and demand of the quantity scissors, so that the rise of cashmere raw material market price is an inevitable trend.

From the new cashmere material appear on the market in April 2004 to the present, its market price rose nearly 100,000 Yuan per ton, and there is still a trend of tension supply.