The available literature reveals only limited information on the

The available literature reveals only limited information on the fatigue performance of CFRP-strengthened corroded beams. The different acculturated corrosion techniques and the scatter in the depth of the corrosion pits result in scatter of the test data. Additionally, none of the available analytical models everolimus capable of evaluating fatigue performance of the CFRP-strengthened corroded beams. The current study tested unstrengthened corroded RC beams and beams strengthened with CFRP sheets under fatigue loading and evaluated the fatigue performance of the beams. An analytical FPM based on the testes fatigue properties of constituent materials and cross-sectional stress analysis was proposed to assess the beam’s fatigue 'everolimus' behavior. Therefore, the fatigue performance of corroded beams was first examined in experimental studies. The fatigue behavior of beams was modeled using the FPM and results were verified using the experimental data. Modeling was then extended to study the effect of steel corrosion degree, fatigue load range, and number of CFRP layers on fatigue life, fatigue strength, stiffness, and post-fatigue ultimate capacity.