Origins Of The Baby Shower

A Baby Shower is a way of kado unik, hadiah ulang tahun the pending birth of a baby giving gifts to the pregnant woman (or the parents together) at a party. This is largely an American custom, and even though mothers in the UK and Europe are often showered with gifts, that is typically after the baby is born and is often linked to the babys Christening.

The origins of the baby shower, as with many modern customs, lie in the ancient world, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. Although neither had baby showers as we realize them they do childbirth. Historians believe they have got found evidence of rituals pertaining to pregnancy and birth and even though well never know the facts, it seems the celebrations took place after child had been safely delivered.

In ancient Greece all that the Moms confinement made an aloyge or strident sound; on either the 5th or seventh day the baby was welcomed into the home in a ceremony called Amphidromia where the father would walk across the hearth several times and on the tenth day the mother returned to her place in culture, marked by a meal attended by family and friends. Mothers would dedicate presents to the birth-goddess Eileithya, such as dresses, girdles and items associated to birth. For most women of that time, giving birth was the only way to get recognition in a mans world.

The Baby Shower as we realize it started by the end of World War II and may be a result of the infant Boom. Traditionally, only female friends of the expectant mother were invited. They were expected to share their wisdom and experience of childbirth with the new mother.
Because it revolves around the providing of gifts, the baby shower was usually hosted and arranged by a detailed friend rather than a relative as it was thought to be the height of bad manners to ask for gifts with respect to close relative.

However times have changed and whereas early baby showers contains showering the mom and her newborn with gifts the pattern has turned full circle and the celebration is currently held at least per month before the baby arrives. The shower is usually organized by a close friend, but these days can be organized by almost anyone (other than the mother to be or her mother) and is normally held at home. A small meal is traditional, usually based on cake and finger foods. Additional differences are that earlier festivities were limited to ladies only, where not even family was invited; now all members of both expectant families as well as friends can attend. In some instances mothers-to-be will attend multiple showers organized by different friends.

The party host got to know the likes and dislikes of the Mom-to-be and must ensure that she is comfortable with both the chosen games and theme. Among the most popular baby shower themes are Princess and Sugars and Spice and All Things Nice for a baby girl, and Sailboats and Small Sport for a child boy. Unisex baby shower styles like Winnie the Pooh, Stork, Rubberized Ducky, Safari, Cupcake Baby and Family members Tree are high in popularity too.