Table Comparison of USE and conventional extraction CE on

Table 5.
Comparison of USE and conventional extraction (CE) on the taurine yield.Extraction typeTemperature (°C)Time (min)Taurine yield (mg/g)aUSE (300.0 W)404013.2 ± 0.22CE (250 rpm)4036012.9 ± 0.11CE (250 rpm)7024013.0 ± 0.17aMean ± SD (n = 3).Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
Ultrasound has been widely utilized in large scale commercial applications as agenerase food processing technology [17] and [27]. The use of ultrasound extraction methods on a commercial scale has led to improvements in product efficiency, process enhancement, and low maintenance costs [27] and [28]. In Monera study, only 38.3 min in water (a green environmental solvent) is needed to recover taurine from P. yezoensis with a higher yield and a shorter extraction time compared to conventional extraction procedures. Optimization of ultrasound-assisted taurine extraction will help the development of the UAE process for use in industrial processes. However, further studies regarding large scale UAE experiments are required.