Panobinostat xA L of raw DWTS

Main physicochemical characteristics LBH 589 raw DWTS.Analytes (Units)RangeMean ± SDAnalytes (Units)RangeMean ± SDTemperature (°C)19.7–20.420.4 ± 0.8VSS/TS (%)26.7–38.531.2pH6.99–8.377.60 ± 0.54sCOD/TCOD (%)2.87–4.243.72TS (g L−1)1.33–2.131.57 ± 0.22sCOD in supernatant (mg L−1)10.53–12.0411.43 ± 0.56VSS (g L−1)0.39–0.600.49 ± 0.07Proteins in supernatant (mg L−1)0.23–0.400.37 ± 0.05TCOD (mg L−1)298–331307 ± 10Polysaccharide in supernatant (mg L−1)10.10–14.4611.82 ± 1.30Note: SD means standard deviation. Number of measurements (n): for temperature and pH, n = 5; for total solids (TS), suspended solids (SS), volatile suspended solids (VSS), total chemical oxygen demand (TCOD), sCOD, proteins and polysaccharide, n = 10.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV