We carried out the purification

We carried out the purification of taurine from P. yezoensis. Taurine was isolated and purified by cation exchange chromatography after membrane filtration. The component was eluted with ultrapure water, and the elution profile is shown in Fig. 2. The taurine concentration was very low in the initial fractions, and then the taurine concentration increased sharply (from fraction number 3 to 6). The highest taurine concentration was acquired at fraction number 6, and then the taurine concentration decreased thereafter. P. yezoensis is rich in free Abiraterone acetate (such as Tau, Ala, Asp, Glu). Free amino acids in P. yezoensis extract before (A) and after (B) absorption of 732 cation resin are shown in Fig. 3. Fig. 3 indicates that the other main free amino acids (especially Ala) were efficiently absorbed by 732 cation resin. Taurine in P. yezoensis extract was efficiently separated and purified by 732 cation exchange resin. Crude taurine was acquired by precipitation using ethanol. The precipitate was then further purified by crystallization (for details see Section 2.4. Taurine separation and purification procedure). The yield of taurine product is 1.1 ± 0.1% (DW).