I've been waiting for this moment since i was a little girl... When is going to be my graduation? what would i wear? am i gonna have a person to celebrate it with? am i gonna have my family with me?... But the most important thing is, what would i do after i graduate? where am i gonna go? i hope i have a job where i can save some money for trips with my friends, am i gonna live in the country where i grow up? it is scary, the moment you put your head in a pillow and start thinking what am i gonna do with my life! I'm supposed to be a grown up and have a job like everyone else, but instead of that, i just wanna live.. i dont want a sabatical year, but i want to live, enjoy the little things i couldnt before.. but, i have 6 subjects left to take before i graduate, i may have to sit and wait for a while..