Traditional wedding ceremonies

Traditional wedding ceremonies


Traditional wedding ceremonies are generally held in churches and other indoor locations. There are several weddings though which are being held outdoors particularly in beaches. If you are planning to get married, would you consider having it by the beach?


Beach weddings are very popular in some countries especially during summer season. Engaged couples who intend to have a beach wedding will need to weigh in the benefits and drawbacks of having a beach wedding. You cannot just say you want a beach wedding without meticulously considering and planning about it.


To help you to decide on whether or not a seaside wedding is suitable for you and your partner, here's a list of positive aspects as well as disadvantages of a beach wedding.


1.    Beach weddings are romantic, natural and solemn.
2.    No need for too many decors, a couple of flowers and hanging decors will do.
3.    Couple will feel more relaxed and they can wear light, semi-formal attire.
4.    Bride can wear light makeup for a more natural look in the wedding pictures.
5.    Sunset beach wedding with close friends and family will be intimate and superb memorable.


1.    Unpredicted weather disturbance can produce a problem. Make certain you have large umbrellas and tents prepared. Know also in advance what weather can you expect on your wedding date and anticipate for the worst weather so that you can prepare.
2.    Wind can be a disadvantage to the bride and female visitors. You can let your hair down but be sure to keep your hair away from your face using a clip or hair pin.
3.    Sound can vanish into the air. An audio system with microphone should be placed outdoors so the visitors can still hear the wedding ceremony specially the exchange of vows.
4.    It can be hard to walk on the sand. Add a sturdy flooring on top of the sand so you and your visitors can easily walk and move.
5.    Only some guests can come especially if it is far. It's always best to pick a holiday or weekend date so a lot could come.


Your beach wedding could be a success if you carefully plan it. Be sure to disseminate the right info to your family and friends and include the things they need to bring. Understand the permits you need to apply for if you will have your wedding event in a public beach.