Report Automation Raises An Unpleasant Mind

Content is king. You've probably heard that a million times but it is true. That is why creating articles is among the most utilized Website marketing press today. Its also among the most abused advertising techniques.

The web advertising fad began picking up with the introduction of FFA (Free-for ALL) internet sites. These websites allowed you to publish your link or offer, which slowly turned off the site as-new links were posted. Once this technique of advertising became known, scores of people rushed to FFA internet sites and started publishing their adverts. Code writers developed approaches to automate the process of publishing links to hundreds of websites within a few minutes, causing it to become an in-effective marketing solution due to the scores of men and women who started using this process. Links could rotate off-the site within a few minutes and this ultimately resulted in the drop and reputation of them.

Yet another marketing method, which quickly became useless, was trades and banner advertising. People covered their web sites with ads, learned just how to cheat users and trades begun to train their eyes to ignore them completely. Company Website contains more about how to engage in this activity. As a result, image marketing also became in-effective.

As a large number of people began to produce entry pages as a means to attract the search engines with multiple pages crammed with keywords to boost their sites page rank computerized page development was also an issue. Gateway page machines automated the process of building these pages and quickly they sprang up throughout the net. Eventually this trend also became useless because of abuse as well as the introduction of better search engine spiders.

The newest moneymaking phenomenon is Google Adwords. After pay-per-click advertising grew in popularity, webmasters discovered how easy it was to generate income by filling their sites with worthless content-in order to make the most of textual advertising. The robot monster seemed again making it simple enough to send articles to hundreds of content internet sites by merely hitting several keys.

In steps PLR account sites. PLR articles, also called Private Label Rights articles or public domain articles, provide people that are too lazy to write their own quite happy with a way to get links back to their site and hopefully offer a few of their goods along the way.

Search engines have started penalizing the web sites for duplicate material. In result, new programs are being created which randomize sentences and change terms within an report to create them special enough to avoid the identical content filters. So we have now automatic report creation?

Publishers are beginning to understand different types of report punishment and its becoming harder to get articles accepted. As writers start exhausting of trying to match the huge influx of articles which are demonstrably written for the sole purpose of increasing link acceptance or even to advertise affiliate links, we will have more article submission sites power down.

Is automation really the monster here? I believe maybe not!

Automatic article submission is a great tool for submitting articles to a large number of websites providing it's used effectively. So whats the issue?

Greed and laziness plain and simple.

Automation allows writers to publish their articles to a lot of web sites quickly and simply, freeing up more time for you to produce original content. To compare more, consider glancing at: details. The situation comes from those who find themselves always looking for a shortcut to earning money, as opposed to to work for it.

Article marketing punishment will quickly reach its peak in the same way FFA internet sites, banner advertising and portal pages did. Ultimately we will examine individual brand articles as another development and on the web publishers will manage to offer their readers with quality content once more. For the present time, we can only wait until another marketing option is found by those hoping to get rich quick to automate and abuse..