cycloheximide solubility The structures of products were

The structures of products were confirmed by physical and spectroscopic data such as; IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, Mass spectroscopy and C. H. N. analyses. In the IR spectra, the stretching frequency of aromatic CC is formed in the region between ν = 1490–1600 cm−1. The stretching vibration of C–H in the alkyl groups was appeared at region between ν = 2898–2930 cm−1. In the 1H 'cycloheximide NMR spectra, one cycloheximide solubility of CH–N has chemical shift in δ = 3.65–4.40 ppm. The signals around δ = 6.59–8.55 are assigned by protons of CHCH of aromatic rings. In the 13C NMR spectra, one carbon of C–N has chemical shift in δ = 52.1–55.1 ppm and the signal around δ = 74.1–77.1 is assigned by one carbon of CCl2 of aziridine ring. The Mass spectrum of product (2g) is indicated in Fig. 1. The peak with m/z = 322 related to molecular ion was confirmed the structure of this compound.