Naming Your Golden Retriever - How to a Choose a Name For The Friendliest Dog Ever

This beautiful breed of dog, the Golden Retriever, deserves the best of everything including a name that matches its elegance. There are lots of ways to find the perfect name. Here are 3 of the most common ways it's done.

Random---This method isn't all bad. Getting a book of names for babies is a great way to do this. Since you're going to call this name a lot of times, golden retriever puppies for sale in va it should be one that you like hearing, and one that seems to match the personality, and/or appearance of your puppy.

If you were really attached to a specific name for a child but your spouse won out on the name that was chosen, this can be an excellent opportunity to get your pick after all.

Promise that you won't name this beautiful puppy Fido, or Spot, not that there is anything wrong with them except that a golden retriever puppies virginia Golden deserves a name that you would give to human, because you will find that as they mature they will show more sense than a lot of the people you know.

It's not unheard of for the boys to be named Davis, Gordon, Prince, Winston and even hyphenated names after the southern tradition such as Spencer-Carter.

Top picks for girls include Daisy, Molly, Maggie, and Bailey! Pick a gorgeous name for your princess! Take advantage of online resources. Searching for terms like "popular golden retriever names" will give you access to golden retriever breeders hundreds of ideas. Just imagine the assistant in the vet's office calling out your pooch's name. You want it to be something that both you and you dog are proud to answer to.

Association---Lots of folks have happy memories of a favorite dog from childhood that was either their dog or who belonged to someone they knew.

An older lady often spoke fondly of a golden retriever puppies for sale in va childhood dog named Buddy who would sneak candy bars, but would wait faithfully for her at the gate to greet her each day when she arrived from school.

Another couple named their dog Robin because of a fondness for a childhood dog that was another breed, but was just nice dog to be around.

Place of Origin---Sometimes golden retriever puppies virginia the choice of a name is right in front of you. Our current Golden is 11. I remember struggling with the choice for a name for several days once the puppy was home.

But think about this. He came from Carson, golden retriever breeders Virginia on Carson Street. So guess what his name is... Carson. Sometimes it can be that simple.

The important thing is to take your time and not rush into settling for one you really don't like. Your dog's name is what you will pin your memories to so make sure it's one that you love!