Polyvinyl alcohol glue recipe

Material: Polyvinyl alcohol:10~12 kg; Water: 100~150 kg; Acrylamide: 10~12 kg; Ammonium Persulfate (initiator): 22~80 g; Formaldehyde 0.5 kg
Production process:
1. Add water to the reactor 100~150 kg, temperature, when temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius, start the blender and add
Polyvinyl alcohol10~12 kg, continues to heat up, when the temperature reaches about 98 stops heating, insulation until Polyvinyl alcohol is completely dissolved, add 0.5 kg of formaldehyde and stir well.
2. Acrylamide in stirring conditions to join 10~12 kg (10~12 kilograms of acrylamide using 40 kg of hydration on), mixing
3. When adjusting the temperature to 62~70℃, stirring slowly adding the content of Ammonium Persulfate 22~80 grams (22~80 g of Ammonium Persulfate first dissolved in 400~480 grams of water) and stir well.

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