You should choose the corresponding anchor bolt as your need

Whether you  are curious about that the anchor bolt made up of or not?Of course  it is different in the practical scope for different material of anchor bolt.For different construction,you should choose the corresponding anchor bolt.
Anchor bolts in the fact that they can be either black or galvanized depending on your choice.
The difference between the two is that "black" anchor bolts (also called plain) are uncoated anchor bolts that haven’t been dipped in any type of coating material. These anchor bolts are for those projects where galvanization is not needed.
Galvanization is a term referring to anchor bolts that has be dipped in a liquid zinc formula in order to coat the entire fastener. The zinc outer coating is for those anchor bolts that are going to need protection from corrosion. This happens when water or moisture is introduced to the anchor bolt on a regular basis. The zinc outer coating acts as a repellent and a first defense against moisture.
It doesn’t matter which coating you choose other than what is going to be best for your project. There are many different applications for either coating and as a contractor or builder you are most likely familiar with what coating that you are going to need.