All You Need To Know About Where To Stay In Uruguay

All You Need To Know About Where To Stay In Uruguay

Nestled in between the countries of Argentina and Brazil, the country of Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America. Its miles of gorgeous beaches, colonial cities, vast stretches of rolling countryside and diverse winegrowing regions make it one of the hidden gems of South America. Uruguay attracts a wide variety of travelers that makes this to be an extraordinary country which should be always kept on everyone’s short list of travel destinations.


Despite being South America's smallest country, Uruguay should not be overlooked. It is a great travel destination not only for its small size and relatively short distances between attractions but also for its diversity. This country has a lot to offer with cosmopolitan, modern cities with historic colonial neighborhoods, endless open spaces in the country's interior and remote coastline. This is a country that attracts the tourist from around the world to its sun-drenched beaches and chic restaurants and nightclubs as well as the traveler looking for peace and quiet in Uruguay's countryside. Adventure Life summons Where To Stay In Uruguay by offering trips in Uruguay to the cities of Colonia Del, Montevideo, Punta Del Este as well as the resorts, hotels and quaint seaside villages.


Visitors to Argentina often find that a brief side trip to Uruguay is as close as a ferry ride away. Uruguay’s beaches have long been favorites with locals and visitors alike, especially those seeking quick escape from the steamy summers in the city. The excellent geographic location has led Uruguay to become united as a privileged producer of wines with international standards of quality, not only in the region but also in the world, in the last few years. Within a short distance of the coast, you could be exploring the Uruguayan wine country on a wine tasting trip like no other.


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Whether you’re taking a wine vacation or just want to make wine a part of a bigger vacation, you have come to the right place that is no other than Uruguay.