How to find high-quality plywood?

Buying a house and engaging in the decoration is one of the biggest things for most people. Now, most people would buy high quality plywood from plywood supplier in China for the furniture decoration. However, how could we find the high-quality plywood from market?


Today, just like to share some of the information under the false floor. As we all know, wood floors process is extremely complex. According flooring business statistics, log into the plant to the finished wood flooring into the library, the timber was only about 20%, in addition to bark, sawdust, dust, bucking cut top, there are 50% of the material can be used offline, such as non-standard plate and C, D grade billets, skin side panels, knot board, cracked boards, panels and other insects from block boards wholesale China. If in order to improve the comprehensive utilization of wood, with offline materials innovative production of other products, such as wood panels, wooden products, it is worthwhile to promote environmental protection act. But now, some unscrupulous manufacturers do not acquire a ton of solid wood flooring offline board, the use of finger, horizontal fight, putty and other simple technology, processing and shoddy standards of solid wood flooring blanks (specifications 900-1200 × 90-130 × 18mm).


Next time, when you want to buy best mdf wood in China for home decoration, you should take care of these little things in order to find the high-quality producst.