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Gone are the days when the most popular food had been 'rajmah chawal' or 'kadi chawal', when 'paav bhaaji' and 'gol-gappa' were an all-time delicacy, then when kheer had been a sweet temptation. Today everyone is reading good plus more inclined on the Italian or Thai cuisine. They have forgotten about the Indian traditional food containing resulted in a loss of profits rolling around in its glory. They feel that rambling over name associated with a foreign cuisine makes them sound classy and complicated. Indian food is considered low and substandard. They feel shame in admitting that their favorite food used to be 'khichdi' or 'dal-chawal'.

Raintree tops this list when the discussion is about multi-cuisine restaurants in Coorg. The ambience with this restaurant is incredibly charming and it makes its customers feel safe. It is a relaxing relation to absolutely free themes due its location and exquisite surrounding. It is located amidst the hills of Coorg and it is in the middle of the green great thing about Coorg. The staff with this restaurant is known for its efficient service. The most attractive element of Raintree is the fact that this specific a high-end restaurant using a beautiful location and charming ambience it's not at all expensive this also comes as a joyful surprise to the shoppers. The famous dishes with this restaurant are mutton biryani, alleppey prawn curry, chemmeen thenga, meen moilee, ularthu and seafood platter. All these aspects on this restaurant together help in making it a crucial part of Coorg Tourism. Top hotel aeroporto venezia

II. Il Primo Restaurant: Located in City Centre South, this restaurant has a capacity of 60 people. Known best for its authentic risotto, it is also a well-known destination reputed of serving fresh pasta like not one other. The Crab, Lemon and Leak lasagna is often a total cracker. Other popular items for the menu are Pan-fried sea trout with baby potatoes and thyme tapenade; Parma ham, spicy sausage and wild rocket Pizza; Spaghetti, prawns, chili, garlic and spinach can also be crowd favorites.

iii. India Palace: There are many Indian tourists who fly to the country under Dubai packages from Delhi. If you are pining for an all-Indian eatery which is not very harsh on the pockets, you then must check out 'India Palace'. It is noted for its biryanis and chicken kebabs, as well as the 'shahi' treatment meted over to its guests. Plus, an advanced herbivore (vegetarian), this place could be great for you.

iv. Beachcombers: Nestled in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Beachcombers is surely a place you comes to. This is not simply a restaurant but has great facilities for revelries. There are fun games for the kids and also the food does leave a long-lasting impression in your preferences. Some tour packages to Dubai include Beachcombers of their program in order that the tourists will have a memorable eating time.