How to prevent damage to your electric motor bearings ?

Bearings in electric motors are the key tools that help in its smooth functioning. Various types of bearings are used in electric motors dependingupon the requirement.The bearings help to maintain a tiny air gap between the stator and the rotor, transfer the load to the motor frame from the shaft as well as help to locate and support the rotor.

The role of the bearings is critical for the efficient running of Crompton Greaves Flame Proof motors.There is therefore a need to correctly use the motor so that the bearings which are installed are not damaged and their life-span drastically reduced. Applying the logic of the famous saying, 'Prevention is better than cure', it is always better to prevent the bearings from any damage rather than working on them after they have encountered any problems.

Preventive Ways

With awareness increased to new levels more and more care is taken to maintain the electric motor bearings in a good condition. Few of the ways in which this is done are:

Lubricating Aspects

Compatible Lubrication:Use of compatible lubrication as recommended by the manufacturer or Geared motor dealersshould be used instead of using any lubricant. Incorrect use of lubricant in fact shortens the life of the bearing.

Maintaining temperature of the bearing:If too much amount of grease is used then it increases running temperature and friction.This reduces the life-span of the bearing and the occurrence of this situation has to be avoided at any costs. Hence, it is essential togreaseusing little amounts at specific intervals depending upon the size of the bearing and the design, kind and operating speed of the motor.

Humidity: Moisture in the air can cause corrosion which in turn can lead to bearing failure. In order to afford protection from the moisture grease which is equipped with rust inhibitors must be used.

Resistance to oxidation: Greases used for greasing of bearings should have the ability to resist any oxidation which in turn improves the life of the bearings.

Load Aspects

Load bearing checks: Whatever is the type of bearing used, a minimum load has to be maintained as otherwise skidding can occur, which will increase operating temperatures and bring about early damage to the bearing.

Alignment: It has to be ensured that there is proper alignment in coupling drives as otherwise factors like vibration and additional forces which come into play due to misalignment may damage the bearing and the motor.

Maintenance is the Key

In addition to this, there are many other preventive mechanisms which when undertaken help to increase the life of the bearings and therefore that of the motor. One of such methods is the use of ‘Nanogap’ technology in the shaft grounding ring. Here, there is an arrangement of conductive microfibersaround the motor shaft in a circular fashion ensuring enhanced contact/non contact grounding protection for better service life of the electric motor bearing.

Bearings usually wear out not so much due to continuous use but more due to sudden shocks. Thus, reducing the frequency of such shocks too will enhance their longevity.