Santa: The Consummate Businessman

Santa: The Consummate Businessman

You have probably never considered the fact that Santa may be the CEO of a large company that not just directs a large range of products throughout the world, but does so within a night...

Most people think Santa Claus only works one-night annually. Nothing can be further from the reality. Sure, product distribution occurs on one magical night, but Santa's operation works all year round and is one of-the largest production and distribution functions in-the world.

You have probably never regarded the fact that Santa is the CEO of a large company that not only blows a huge choice of products throughout the world, but does so in a single night with merely a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. Sam Walton would have killed to have Santa's logistics manual.

Do I believe in Santa? You bet your red longjohns I actually do. I specially have confidence in Santa's entrepreneurial spirit. Just con-sider all he does from an entrepreneurial perspective and I think you'll begin to feel, too.

Santa Is Their Own Company Representative

Santa is just a amazing marketer and knows that his picture is the greatest marketing tool he's. No other experience is as familiar and no other businessman has inspired a great number of tracks. You might never hear 'An Ode To Jack Welch' about the radio ten times a day.

Santa's Consumers Love Him

Just say his name around several kids and watch their little faces light-up like Rudolph's nose. You will never see Bill Gates get that kind of response. Heck, they can not really make his own kids smile.

Santa Sets The Bar For All Entrepreneurs

Whenever you list the traits of the excellent entrepreneur, Santa gets the highest marks. He has enthusiasm for his work. H-e loves his clients and can go to great lengths to be sure they're happy. He has the capacity to bring products and services to promote quickly and spot consumer trends. He can lead a sizable business using a wink of his attention. H-e encourages those around him. He's determined. He is dedicated. He is faithful. He is persistent. Navigating To powered by possibly provides aids you might give to your father. And most importantly, he's jolly. Name another jolly businessman (besides Dave Thomas of Wendy's recognition). I guess it is possible to maybe not. Be taught extra information on our favorite related site by visiting inventory forecasting & management.

Santa Is A Superb Leader

Can you imagine wanting to manage a few hundred giddy elves who are shut in all year round and spend their off hours drinking spiked hot chocolate and doing who knows what with fairy dust? It would be sufficient to get even the best-of entrepreneurs to full cover up out in the North Pole. Somehow Santa controls the job without pulling his whiskers out. I expect he has a management program that promotes from within. The hard-working elves get into administration. The slackers are stuck cleaning after the reindeer.