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I messed up last month, and I want to tell you about it. (I'm never going to make this mistake ever again, I promise).
I spent WAY too much money on FB ads. The ads that I paid for were OK, but if I knew then what I know now, I would not have spent that money.
I'm talking about $200+ in unnecessary ad spend!
When I found out how I could have saved all that money, I immediately PAUSED my FB campaigns until I could fully investigate...
This is Qilio 2.0. The new & improved FB fanpage content manager! It will save me THOUSANDS by the end of this year - so I felt obligated to share it with you, too.
They're only accepting the first 1,000 downloads, by the way... so you better hurry in!
In a nutshell, this is what it does:
- Finds hot content for you to post, so if your FB fan page has not been updated recently, you need this tool!
- Schedules posts (despite rumors that FB does not allow this, the developers of Qilio 2.0 got special approval from the FB development center to do this)
- Lets you edit images without having to switch to Photoshop or learn some complicated image editing software
- Video Posts Module, lets you schedule video posts too!
- Post Analytics Module, lets you  review your FB fan page performance
- Download CSV reports, so you can share your growth results with others
This new v2.0 has 7 brand new features that were not available in v1.0. Take a quick look: http://crownreviews.com/qilio-review-and-bonus/ 
This software has been examined by top experts in Internet marketing, and it has been very well received by the I.M. community. 
You can get it right now at its introductory price. If you don't like it, you can get your money back within 30 days - so this is basically an offer for a month long test drive! 
I really like the new dashboard that they put in. It's got 6 big buttons on it, and it looks much less cluttered than it did in v1.0. I love it! I think you might love it too :-) Find out more at: http://crownreviews.com/qilio-review-and-bonus/