okay so... i`m gonna talk about sex. I`m a virgin -thouhgt that might be a good idea to say-. And yes i like being a virin but i aslo want to know how it is. How much it hurts and so on. and if i`m being totally honest it is not the sex i`m looking forward to. it is the forplay. I know that all guys only want their penis up my vagnia or a sexy -sticky- blowjob, but is honestly think that penises is one of the uglyest things i have ever seen. 

i was on this "new" app called Fling. it is a app where you take a picture -mostly selfies- and then you send it to 50 random people in the world. and if you are good at math you will know that 2+2 is 5 and you get some weird photos back... i think i have seen about 6 dicks iin the app and i started useing it like this friday. But i like it! not the penises! the app. but anyhow i sent this one picture of one of my friends to a random guy and we got a very little pale penis in return... and as i said it is on the penis part that surprises me... it is the fact that this guy, tock a picture of his penis and thought "oh what a great shot lets send it to this nice looking girl. I mean why would any guy do that? i know that i am not a guy -duh- but can you really be that horny? i`m cant claim that i`m never hungry after sex, but wont send a ulgy picture of my ve-j-j to some guy. and the worst part is when one of those guys are like "wanna met up somewhere?" and you can se where people come from! we were from freacking diffrent parts of the world. i i was like "ok, paris or london?"

but what i wanted to say is that girl don`t mind pictures of some dicks but we want them to be pretty. And then maybe MAYBE we will send you a little something back.

knuz Ano