Study: Men "balding" more effective and more reliable

Study: Men "balding" more effective and more reliable


New York in the sixth edition, the United States (CNN) - A study released recently that the number of men "balding" are characterized by force and influence those around them, as well as being more reliable, compared with men who prefer to maintain the length of their hair.

The study, which was published on the US Time magazine in the second number, the sister of CNN, that the men who shaved their heads completely, seen by others as more manly, and better able to impose their control on around them.

The study showed that balding men have more numbers in employment opportunities leading more than their peers of men who keep their hair length of the center, because of the masculine traits that show clear them, which connects them to leadership positions at the expense of men with hair.

The study revealed a number of a numberh of images of men baldness and other hair, where participants were asked in the search to register upward numbers for images that appear on top of the features of power and the ability to influence, in addition to more people trustworthy, to show numbers that balding men occupied the highest ranks.

The study showed that some of the images that have been familiarize participants with them, were of the same people before and after shaving their heads, where results showed that balding men appear longer by about an inch (2.5 centimeters), in addition to their backs look stronger than their pictures before shaving their heads and by 13 per cent.

The researchers advised men who suffer from baldness and hair loss problems, to embark on their heads shaved completely on the numbers are low, as it will lead to raise their attractiveness compared with people who suffer from hair loss problems and preserve what is left of their hair for more: ارقام خطابات.