Is Just A Website Right For Your Company

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Is Really A Weblog Right for Your Business?

A summary of Pros and Cons when contemplating adding a website to your marketing mix.

Sites and Bloggers have truly made their presence known over the past year or two. For the politicians and superstars they have unquestionably become a important power to pay attention to but...

Is A Blog Right for Your Business?

Wikipedia defines the word 'website', limited for web log, as a web based guide consisting mainly of occasional articles, most often backwards chronological order...blogs often focus on a certain subject...Although websites are on average a text medium, there are also non-text versions including audioblogs (podcasts), photoblogs and videoblogs.'

It's my purpose in this article to present a listing of pros and cons, and options for more info, in the event you be considering adding a blog to your marketing mix.


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