Figuring Out the Best Way to Find High Usage Control Room Furniture For Your Business

"American industry is dead," say the pessimists. And I admit that the picture hasn't been rosy for many manufacturing sectors. Yet, there are still segments of American industry that should lead to optimism. One such sector in particular is control room furniture manufacturing.

What makes affordable noc furniture an interesting study? First off, furniture is classified as something called a durable good. In case you aren't aware, these types of goods indicate the economic health of a nation. The idea is that companies purchase more durable goods when their confidence in the economy is strong. It works both ways though, a company without faith in the economy will put off durable goods orders. Put another way, if people are buying items meant to last, they are confident in the national economy for the life of that item. More concretely, orders for durable goods is a reliable predictor of gross domestic product growth.

This is good news for the economy. There was a 13% increase in furniture factory orders between this April and last. There is a reason for comparing orders year-to-year rather than month-to-month; month-to-month is much more volatile. Comparing April-to-April, we see that not just orders have increased, but that shipments and order backlogs are up by the same percentage. Overall, orders in the first 4 months of 2014 were 5% above that of last year. This is a significant margin of growth. Take into account that overall, durable goods orders vary by less than one percent most years.

Allow me to point out that these figures are for the consumer furnishings sector. But I think they mirror control room furniture orders to scale. The reason for this is that shipments of durable goods is also predictive of GDP. We see that shipments in that sector were up 6% in the first four months of this year.

Looking at the numbers here, it looks as though American industry is in good health. Actually, it seems to be growing as well or better than ever, if one focuses on specific niche markets like control room furniture. We see the groundwork for this continued domestic growth in American companies like Inracks Corp, with their commitment to Made in the USA ideals.