wildstar: Guideline to Paths

Paths are WildStar's means of adding depth to your character and provides you exceptional content determined by the way in which you prefer to perform. Now we have four feasible paths to pick that should provide you with a a number of material to accomplish together with your usual questing which consequently presents you a variety of rewards.

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Buying a path is required at Character Development; on the other hand executing the material is optional. You cannot currently alter your route, at the time chosen, it is currently an element of who you will be.


DISCLAIMER: Missions varieties are being updated as essential.




Settler’s Campfire at Rank four, 14, 27 (60.0 min CD)

Spawns a campfire for people today to heat by themselves by. (60 min CD)


Summon: Vendbot

Activation: Summons a Vendbot for that upcoming 60.0/90.0/120.0 seconds. Cannot be applied in PvP instances. (ten min CD)


Report Household

Activation: Opens a portal to Housing to the upcoming ten.0 seconds. Are not able to be utilized in PvP instances (one hundred twenty.0/90.0/60.0 min CD)


Mission Forms

You've unlocked a Settler mission! All Settler missions are tied to the Settler hubs in the close by space. Your missions involve making enhancements on the environment, upgrading the region for everybody!



That city ain't intending to enhance by itself. So stage up, strap with a toolbelt, and have to work making matters which make everyone's existence a bit less complicated.

You've unlocked a Settler Hub Expansion mission! The Datachron consists of many of the information you'll need to construct up a region and finish your mission. The Sources section lists the various means that electric power the advancements in the place. Each individual improvement which you make awards you with a few mission credit score. Try to look for these depots to start creating!