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Interesting Thumbnail: One of the initial impressions that anyone forms on the video is based on the thumbnail on the video. So select a thumbnail that is relevant to the video and catches the eye.

Such new functions that are included on this includes an Eye-Fi support system, new Photo Effects, greater resolution and more. This camera uses a touch screen interface. In as much as this is a Canon Powershot SD1300 IS Review, it is very important that you know some other great functions. There are several predetermined shooting settings and the Auto mode will definitely determine the best for conditions you are in and use one of these preset features.

Photo Basics

Photo Effects

There are a few other minor differences, for example, new additions such as One Step Photo Fix, Smart Photo Fix, One Step Noise Removal, and Digital Camera Noise Removal. However, the major difference which jumped out at me upon first using the program was that the Clarify tool was significantly improved over the earlier version. In Jasc PSP 8.1, the Strength of Effect of the Clarify tool goes up only to 5. In Corel PSP XI, it goes up to 20. I was able to achieve a much more dramatic clarification effect with this tool than I was ever able to get with Jasc PSP 8.1. Details which had previously been obscured in darkness now burst out of the screen. This was by far my favorite part of Corel PSP XI. As yet, though, it isn't sufficient motivation to upgrade.

Canon Powershot SD1300 IS is among the topdigital cameras to invest in if you really want qualityphotos. There are other Photo Effects ones that deliversqualityimages than SD1300 but this one will surelyput smile on your face. It has an optical zoom of 4x and resolution of 12.1 mega pixels. This is actually an update on the previousmodels and this has some minorimprovements from Canon Company to bestsuit your taste and delivermore.Photo Basics

Samsung Epic 4G. This is one of Samsung's Galaxy S Android smart phones, but more powerful. A 1GHz processor, a Super AMOLED display, an incredible QWERTY keyboard, a touchscreen capability, a 5.- megapixel camera (with a LED flash, auto focus and digital zoom), a front-facing .3-megapixel camera to support video calls, and a whole lot of amazing features, Samsung Epic 4G is a real powerhouse.

You will now see the panel change and you will see the effects you have to choose from. To apply an effect, you will need to browsethrough Photo Effects the effects and find the one you want to apply. Once you have found the effect, click it and click the Apply button located at the bottom of the effects panel. You will then see your photochange. Make sure that you clicked the photo you want to apply the effecttoo. If you do not click it, the program will not know photo to apply it too. If you are using your ownbackgroundimage, the effect will be applied to the background if you do not select a photo to apply the effecttoo.

The performance of a feature is judged on the phone's battery life, where the Pearl 3G 9105 crosses the green line. It performed well, even after all the important functions were used.