Google frowns on reciprocal linking

There is no point questioning or whining about it. If people require to dig up more on review link emperor, we recommend lots of databases you should think about pursuing. They can and they are doing so in order to offer much better outcomes to searchers. You can like it or lump it, but if you want them to give you decent listings, ranks or send you any visitors, their rules count.

My suggestions: forget *artificial* reciprocal linking fully. The time taken to preserve the directory, approve/disaprove submissions (mainly the latter, since the only men and women nevertheless asking for links are crappy PR0 sites and spammers) can be much much better spent.

When you want to exchange links with other internet sites, make positive you do so in a all-natural way, by which I mean write about the other internet site in some way and location natural links within the body text.

And consider just giving to get. By which I mean, link out to helpful things for the edification or entertainment of your visitors giving no consideration to the instant usefulness of that link to you.