Top 10 Kids Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Ideas for fabulous boys birthday party themes that have proven to be a success with our customers

Boys love super heroes, cool gadgets, fast cars and space ships, there was never any doubt about that, but that is not the whole story. They also like using their imagination and applying their hunger for adventures. Here we have compiled our list of what are the most popular birthday party themes for boys and although there may not be many surprises, hopefully these results will still give you some good ideas for your birthday party.

10. Toy Story Theme

Toy Story is our tenth most popular boys theme. The Toy Story saga is an all time favourite for a lot of boys (and girls) and all of the movies were just so good. There are lots of different party supplies available for this theme and the latest theme, of course, is from the 3rd movie in the Toy Story series. You can get everything from large Buzz Lightyear helium balloons, through to plates, cups, table covers, napkins, loot bags - the whole shebang. Look out for the cake decorating kits and matching accessories to decorate your party cake. Toy Story is a colourful and happy theme and puts a smile and expression of awe on every boy's face.

9. Ben 10 Theme

The Ben 10 is our first action hero theme on the list, but surely not the last. You can let all the boys be action heroes for the day at your birthday party. How can you go wrong with that? Ben 10 is the master of gadgets and technology and with a bit of imagination and cleverness you can create some fantastic party games for your guests. Again there is a great variety of party supplies for this theme, more than enough to create a real action party that looks the part. The selection of trinkets and accessories to put in your loot bags is astounding and if you get all the balloons and the rest of the table decorations and wares, your party will look a treat. There are two different designs in the Ben 10 theme which are the original green Ben 10 design and also the Ben 10 Alien Force design.
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