Fuji EVK71-050 IGBT Power Module

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EVK71-050 is the best solution to enhance the power of your switched reluctance motors or SRM. This Fuji IGBT power module can power up various applications at 75A or 600V.


EVK71-050 has unique features that make it standout from other power modules. Equipped with a powerful free wheel diode, it can eliminate sudden voltage spikes or flybacks. This allows the device to attain optimum electrical performance at all times.


Fuji EVK71-050 has also been designed to be insulated to have better electric isolation between adjacent devices. It has high DC current gain and low saturation voltage to avoid deterioration of the current rating.


Most importantly, EVK71-050 is resilient enough to provide benefits even to other motor drives. In fact, UPS and other power supplies will have a boost of power with this IGBT transistor module as well!