ZTE made the phone slim enough (9.4mm) so that dropping it into your pocket is fairly easy

ZTE made the phone slim enough (9.4mm) so that dropping it into your pocket is fairly easy. Smaller people who wear tight jeans may find that it doesn't fit as well. xiaomi mi4 review Build quality is decent, but I've seen better.
The Axon Pro's face features a large glass plate bookended by grilles that are built into the frame. The glass doesn't sit flush with the grilles, and its edges are easy to feel with your finger. The grilles have a diamond-shaped pattern cut into them that makes them stand out a bit visually. ZTE decided to use off-screen Android controls, so there are three capacitive buttons below the display. The circular home button pulses on and off and acts as a notification light. The other two capacitive keys are little more than dots. They work well, but aren't the easiest to find unless you're looking at the phone.
On the Axon Pro's left side you'll find the volume toggle and SIM card tray, and on the right you'll find the screen lock button and shutter button for the camera. The three buttons have minimal profiles, but travel and feedback are solid. The copper accent makes the keys visible from an arm's length so you know where to find them. The USB port is on the bottom edge of the phone, and the headset jack is on the top.
Our review unit is blue, but the Axon Pro is also being sold with gold and silver finishes.meizu-mx5.com The blue is an attractive shade, though it is almost indistinguishable from black.The Axon Pro also includes black elements in the design, and makes liberal use of copper-colored accents on the buttons and around the camera module.
This phone will require most people to use two hands to operate it smoothly.My thumb can only reach about half the display when the phone is gripped normally;I found myself holding it in one hand and pressing at the screen with the other.It borders on heavy at more than 6 ounces.