Materials and methods Table Table Photocatalytic system for deodorization

In this YPYDVPDYA study, a total of 17 odorant compounds plus two reference compounds were measured by three different analytical methods: (1) air server (AS)/thermal desorber (TD)/gas chromatography (GC)/pulsed flame photometric detector (PFPD) for five sulfur compounds (hydrogen sulfide, methanethiol, dimethyl sulfide, carbon disulfide, and dimethyl disulfide), (2) TD/GC/mass spectrometry (MS) for 13 odorants (aromatic, ketone, ester, alcohol, carboxylic groups and trimethylamine), and (3) ultraviolet (UV)/visible (Vis) spectrophotometer for ammonia analysis based on Indophenol blue method. In addition to GC and spectrophotometer based analysis, air dilution sensory (ADS) test was performed based on the olfactometry threshold method by diluting odor samples with odorless pure air to determine the dilution-to-threshold ratio (D/T ratio) values. Detailed information of analytical procedures regarding the following targets [20], [21], [22] and [23] is hemizygous presented in SI: 2.3.1 Analysis of 'YPYDVPDYA' sulfur compounds by AS/TD/GC/PFPD; 2.3.2 Analysis of volatile compounds by TD/GC/MS; 2.3.3 Analysis of ammonia by UV/Vis spectrophotometer; and 2.3.4 Measurement of dilution-to-threshold ratio (D/T ratio) by Air dilution sensory (ADS) test.