Table Biosorbents for Cu in

Table 1.
Biosorbents for Cu2+ in Nanaomycin A literature.SorbentSourceCu2+ uptake (mg g−1)Cystoseira crinitophyllaThis study160 (pH 4.5)Cystoseira myricaNaddafi and Saeedi [29]97.8 (pH 5.5)Marine algae biomassSheng et al. [30]69.26–80.06ChitosanWan Ngah et al. [31]44.48–88.9 (pH = 6)Laminaria japonicaFourest and Volesky [32]101.03Focus vesiculosusFourest and Volesky [32]74.98Sargassum vulgareDavis et al. [1]59.09Sargassum filipendulaDavis et al. [1]56.55Chlorella vulgarisAksu et al. [33]43Sargassum fluitansDavis et al. [1]50.83PeatMa and Tobin [34]25.41Pine barkAl-Asheh et al. [35]9.53Bone charKo et al. [36]45.11Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
Table 2.
Freundlich and Langmuir model equations fitting parameters for Cu2+ adsorption lymph isotherms at different pH.FreundlichLangmuirknR2qmbR2pH 2.52.771.610.99171.730.0050.95pH 4.513.812.630.99198.910.0060.93Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
3.2. Column sorption experiments