Finally a critical interpretation of the

Finally, a critical interpretation of the experimental results ARRY-142886 provided, based on a modeling analysis of the experimental data set, which accounts for both IBP ionization phenomena and adsorption onto activated carbon.
2. Experimental
2.1. Materials
A commercial activated carbon produced starting from a bituminous coal, Filtrasorb 400 (F400), purchased from Calgon Carbon Corporation, was used in all the experimental runs. A physical–chemical characterization of the sorbent was carried out, including B.E.T. surface area, 'ARRY-142886' pore size distribution, pHPZC value, acidic/basic surface functional groups, superficial chemical analysis and proximate analysis [26]. The sorbent is migration mainly microporous (with a micropore volume equal to 0.31 cm3 g−1) and has a BET surface area of approximately 1000 m2 g−1. The surface is slightly basic with a pHPZC = 8.5 and a low ash content (about 1.8%). A complete list of its chemical and physical properties is reported in Erto et al. [27].