Things to pay attention buying toys car

Car is a necessary thing in our daily life. However, nowadays, even for little kids, they would like their parents buy toy cars from toys manufacturer in China for them. Now, as parents, we should pay high attention to these things when we buy toys cars for our children.


Stroller purchase products, need to check the baby carriage body is solid, do not select stroller plastic parts are hard, brittle or smelly; check child bicycle brake hand brake of the size and the braking force to prevent children from hand brake grip is not tight, the system underpowered or too large accidental injury; check strollers around from the height of the seat is appropriate, shoulder strap, cross belt, cross-belt, buckles, belts and other equipment are secure, fold the locking mechanism is solid. Of course, remote control toys supplier said that stability, rigidity and strength checking baby walkers framework, in particular, to check the reliability of the locking device, loosening the locking device to prevent the occurrence of accidental injury, in addition, prohibited roads, ramps, stairs in rugged, bathroom, kitchen, and close to appliances and other dangerous places.


So, next time, when we go to the market of China novelty toys wholesale online for the purchasing, we should compare these toys before we buy them for our kids.