LED lighting can also be restricted by favorable trend to be rational DOB

LED market for a lot of years has been in force on improving the efficiency of LED lighting systems, but it ignores the potential trouble is definitely the must improve the efficiency of your complete lamp. It's reported that the lighting is only a result on the loss of power amounted to 10% or perhaps greater, plus the failure rate can also be up in the energy supply 52%.

Issues trend

AC LED and HV LED has been considered to be the ultimate status LED(mobile vms), due to the fact it may be straight connected with the traditional lighting, like electrical energy, but has no wide coverage, that is the DOE's report specifically pointed out Acrich Seoul Semiconductor Technologies the explanation.

DOB technology in recent years steadily took to the stage, and AC LED was nevertheless no improvement. This Seoul Semiconductor Xuling Min mentioned, due to the fact at the moment there is certainly no stroboscopic AC LED, high pressure / anti-surge and optical efficiency problems need to spend attention and resolve technical difficulties.


The have to enhance industry penetration synergies


About DOB technology, Seoul Semiconductor Xuling Min mentioned that the present DOB technologies is gradually getting accepted by the market place, all elements of performance indicators to mature, more and much more companies began supplying DOB LED goods. DOB market size and no less than 30% -40% of the whole LED lighting marketplace size.


In the industry area, considering the fact that DOB can efficiently decrease system-wide costs, market acceptance has been considerably enhanced by the terminal assembly plant upstream supply chain initiative to propose DOB plan, bottom-up integration enables DOB plan can rapidly penetrate LED lighting industry.


With Epistar, Seoul and well-known leader in the LED layout DOB technologies, domestic enterprises have also set foot in, including long-Express, SanDisk and also other well-known mainland Ming Microelectronics IC enterprises.


As significant coffee late in their domestic enterprises for the development from the continent DOB technology gap will not appear so terrific. Based on Chen Heng, general manager of SanDisk mentioned that from a technical level, the whole structure of domestic DOB technology combines the advantages of several foreign, also made a lot of improvements. Within a sense, regardless of cost or technologies, we're not lagging behind in foreign nations.


Even though the fire DOB leveraging intelligent lighting requirements rational


Together with the traditional lighting of increasingly meager income and progress LED technologies, the lighting industry set off a "smart" wave, has grow to be an essential direction with the enterprise competition for any new round of competitive high ground.


Faced using the imminent intelligent lighting, as LED "price war" of the product DOB, will play what function?


For intelligent wind struck, Epistar Yaojiu Lin was not overjoyed. It considers all kinds of lamp sorts have their regulations restrict the size, even LED lights are no exception. Despite the fact that DOB reduce technique space needed and the number of parts, however the components required much more than general lighting. And the existing intelligent lighting is still in early development, its integration and DOB platform has not however been clarified, the have to continue to observe the marketplace trend immediately after.


And Seoul Semiconductor Xuling Min believes, DOB may be the driving IC integrated on PCBA, but most drivers will reserve IC PWM / 0-10V or Bluetooth, infrared, TRIAC dimming interface etc. (far more than ACRICH3.0 SSC's solutions are compatible with all dimming interface), so for intelligent lighting can drastically strengthen its achievability, and the item structure is extra compact

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