Metis self drilling anchor system-Impeccable bolt system

Comprised of the Hollow Bar, drill bit and other fittings,the Metis Self drilling Anchor system can enable the hole drilling
and grouting to be done in one single cycle. It can eliminate the use of a casing to support the drilled hole which is easy
to collapse and offer higher rates of installation than the regular rock bolts. The Metis Self drilling Anchor system is used for rock bolting and grouting in softer rocks where there is loose ground or sections prone to collapse. 

Main Advantages of self drilling anchor system:
1.Drilling, installation, and injection the Metis anchor in one single operational cycle

2. Easy and same operating principle for different rock mass and soil conditions
3.No need for pre-drilling of a borehole, saving the time for removing the casing and the drill rod

4. Especially suitable for unstable geology where borehole collapse is expected
5.Minor working space required and can be installed by small drill equipment
6.Easy step of extension to the designed anchor length by coupling
7.Variety of designed drill bits and diameter for fulfilling different geology
8.Hollow bar can be used as air and water passage during installation and increase the bonding by additional grouting inside.

9.The quality of Metis Self drilling Anchor system is guaranteed by high quality 


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