The Reality about Muslim Prayer Mat

The Reality about Muslim Prayer Mat

Your perfect mate for prayer rugs:

Arham Hi Tech Design and Solution is the true source of products that are of great boon to the people. They are striving to increase their network and range of products so that it will benefit all. The appealing embroidery designs are one of the USP of these prayer carpets. The main intention behind using these carpets or prayer rugs is to keep the surrounding area clean while praying.

These prayer mats are used in order to completely focus on the prayer without any disturbance. The simplicity needed while managing these carpets is essential. These carpets or Muslim prayer mat can be kept clean and washed for better appearance. Arham Composite presents several kinds and forms of designs that you can select from as per your needs.

Correct and accurate structure:

The design and structure of these mats are in such a way that they contribute to comfort, efficiency, safety and ease of use.


1)  The comfort and productivity that is reflected in these mats is admired by the users or people. This is one of the unique characteristic of this product.


2)  Portability is one of the major characteristics of these mats.


3)  There are several features that make these mats one of the best buy. These mats can be simply folded and stored in a better place in order to keep it fresh and tidy.


4)  These are of great help to people going through back as well as spinal cord pain.


5)  Religious places mostly see the presence of these prayer rugs to major extent. It’s due to this factor that these prayer rugs are more in demand.


6)  The Muslim tribes are people who frequently use these mats. So the target audience of these mats are mostly them


The presence of a shoulder strap has made possible the easy dealing with these mats. Such aspects make these one very reliable for use. It has the most appealing features and is the widely consumed product of the Islamic tribe.

Appealing features:

One of its features of Islamic Prayer Mat mentions that it’s non corrosive. This mentions that it won’t give the appearance of rust. It will stay brand new for a longer time if properly dealt with and stored in a safe place.

The Islamic symbol is one of the main characteristic that they need on their mats. Arham Composite is the only source that provides these mats with or without the symbol.