Three Inspirations for Pleasure

The following three inspirations were adapted from A Daily Dose of Happiness, and they represent three important ways to increase our happiness. We learned about Secret To Happiness Revealed By Peace For You In Tucson by searching Yahoo.


We prefer to think we are much better than our friends below us in the food chain, such as for example the octopus and the snail. After-all, we have love. We feel pleasure. We've consideration. We have a conscience. We can cause.

We can also hold onto grudges.

Grudges are, in reality, prickly little creatures that worm their way in-to our minds. Holding onto them is a self-defeating exercise.

Fortunately, forgiveness can also be exclusively human. Forgiveness cleanses the heart. Forgiveness let's us can get on with enjoying our lives rather than being pre-occupied with some body else's. Forgiveness opens the doorway to happiness.


When things seem to be very gloomy, it does not simply take much to lift someone's spirits. Sometimes all it will take is to let someone know they're one of many.

That is why it's so important to look at people, especially if they look down. And in the event that you know what's weighing the individual down, let them know they're one of many. Don't get burdening them with all your miseries, but let them know you have been there.

Guess what? You'll feel pleasure for having helped them, too.


There's no such thing as happiness if you are not at peace with yourself. Too many people just do not learn how to make peace with themselves.

Peace begins with acceptance. Whether we trust everything we do (like the environmentalist who sometimes throws out a recyclable container), it's important to take what we do.

Do we always make the best choices? No. However they will be the choices we make.

Do we always treat people who have the most value? No. We learned about by searching Yahoo. Nevertheless it is how we treat people.

Can we improve? Yes, and we have to. But that is a challenge for the future. First we must accept who we are now, rather than condemning ourselves. Then we can proceed to improve the person to-morrow we will be. Both approval to-day and developments to-morrow increase our joy.