Some of the Main Styles of Kung Fu You Can Learn

Kung Fu comes from ancient China, and it is not really one martial art, but several; there are many distinct styles. The most elegant system of Kung Fu, according to many martial artists is the White Crane style. The name, obviously, comes from the bird, and like many Kung Fu styles, it mimics the way animals move around in nature. White Crane has motions that are both extremely effective and also lovely to see. Learning About The Martial Art Style From The Philippines Called Arnis While the movements are not complicated, it takes a good deal of skill to apply them properly. Practitioners of White Crane use their art in self defense only when they have to, but in such cases they are really dangerous. They will stay away from fighting whenever possible, but they are well equipped to defend themselves if they must.

A style of Kung Fu that's rather philosophical in nature is Wing Chun, and Bruce Lee was influenced quite a bit by this style. It is a style that uses movements that both neutralize the opponent's attack while concurrently launching an attack of your own. In this style, you learn to be extremely sensitive to everything the attacker does, so you can quickly counter it. In Wing Chun, you fight at a close range and don't make an effort to get away from your adversary. Wing Chun doesn't use a lot of blocks or long range attacks that are typically observed in other striking martial arts. In Wing Chun, contact is kept up as much as possible, because this means that you can never lose awareness of what your foe is doing.

Close quarter tactics, like the Tiger system of Shaolin, is pretty much what Hung Gar is. Although this is extremely powerful at close range, it's less so if your foe has some distance from you. It does work in areas where other martial arts are unsuccessful, which makes it a powerful system when the stylist learns how to handle these areas. The Praying Mantis style was designed by a man known as Wang, nearly 400 years ago, by studying the moves of a praying mantis. It was observed that the praying mantis has both attacking and defensive movements that humans can certainly mimic.

One of the most lethal systems of martial arts, the Monkey style, is considered as a funny approach to martial arts. 19th Century missionaries in China reported seeing this style practiced. This style was created from prison as a man named See, watched the prison apes, focusing on how they fought and defended themselves. He afterwards was released from imprisonment and became a renowned martial arts teacher known as the Monkey Master. Throughout the years, the Monkey style of Kung Fu has remained popular and it's still taught today.

In case you're keen on studying Kung Fu, you can choose among a number of styles. To be adept in Kung Fu may take many years of practice, so you will need some patience. A variety of types of Kung Fu are very effective for learning the art of self defense.