LG G4 several flexible options are made at the right part of the structure to modify

  LG G4 as shown in the above three images of design, easy method, primary method and guide method. Simple method auto-focus digicam, touchscreen technology picturesmeizu m2 note; Basic method can be touchscreen technology allows users to concentrate and select display or surroundings, HDR mode; Manual method, the customer can white-colored stability, guide concentrate, visibility settlement, ISO, shutter speed Configurations, lock visibility can also be based on demand. Simple design and primary method, there is no option for customer function. In guide method, the customer may want to modify the factors of digicam, to modify the LG G4 digicam factors.
    LG G4 several flexible options are made at the right part of the structure to modify the toggle mathematical design. Manual concentrate, for example, with a range onmeizu m2 the right part of the moving down, will concentrate on is close the possibilities of G4 position, making a macro effect; As the calibration desk moving up-wards and will switch to a perspective, falsified perspective, concentrating on the perspective.
    White stability modification for moving on the right part of the same range, the lower the K value is image inclination red, the higher the K value is yellow-colored. Scale desk next to also can have a slope from red to red line to immediate the customer documented under different K value, the impact also has obvious different.
    Because it's gloomy errors, so the example capturing in the roommeizu mx5. Inside light is more complicated, and is mostly dark yellow-colored lighting, for cell phone digicam or there is a big task. In this case, we can use guide method to modify the white-colored stability Configurations, or you can keep the yellow-colored lighting bring warm color impact, seems to be some lovely feeling.